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Basic Components Of An Academic Essay 

You have to write my essay again and you don’t know how to write it? Don’t worry we got your back… in this article you can have all the information which you are looking for. An essay is a piece of writing that is supposed to convey as much information as possible. Essays have a specific word limit in which you need to complete your point of view. Here are some basic points that can help you in writing an effective essay.




After choosing a topic, the introduction is the most important part of an essay and it should be very clear and catchy. This is the first paragraph of your essay and you need to hook your reader’s attention. Moreover, it should not be very long. It should be only seven to ten percent of the entire essay. In case you notice that you need to give a detailed introduction of your topic then you increase its length. Otherwise, stick to minimum length. You need to give background of your topic as well because reader maybe doesn’t know much about your topic. Explain well and try to be precise while using concrete words.



Thesis statement


This is the core of an essay. Your full essay will revolve around the thesis statement. It expresses the main idea of the essay and it also clearly states the purpose of writing the essay. It makes a claim based on research and then it also provides an answer in the essay. Make your thesis statement logical and researchable. Don’t make a claim that is fictional or illogical. You need to prove this claim in your essay. If you make a false claim, you will get stuck with your write my essay for me.


Main body


After formulating a thesis statement, you need to write main body which mostly consists of three paragraphs. In these paragraphs, you need to present three different ideas but they all must be interlinked with each other. Do not write completely different ideas in your essay. When reader reads it, he should be able to relate point 1 with point 2. One important thing that you must remember while writing an essay is that you need to discuss different yet interlinked ideas in different paragraphs. Do not try to adjust two ideas in one paragraph. It is fine if number of paragraphs increases. It is not hard and fast rule that you have to write only three paragraphs. 



This is also a very important paragraph that comes at the end of an essay. You have to properly wind up your arguments and point of views in this paragraph. Your conclusion should not be too abrupt nor too vague. It is difficult to balance this but if you will try then you can do this. The other important thing is that your concluding paragraph is the reflection of your introductory paragraph. It must refers back to the thesis statement that you wrote in the introductory paragraph. After this, summarize your essay and write key points of your essay that you have discussed in the body paragraphs. Make your ending clear that reader can comprehend clearly what your essay was about and how you reached the answer of the thesis statement. 




Plagiarism is copying someone else’s ideas into your essay without their consent. It could be very annoying sometimes. To avoid this hassle, you need to write in your own words after researching through various articles. Plagiarized documents are useless and can affect your grade as well.


Here is an advice, if you want your essay to be perfect and you wish to secure an outstanding grade, then hire a writer and ask him to write my essay. He can provide you with an error-free essay writing service. This is the simplest formula with which you can put together your essay without any stress and frustration.  



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